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We turn ideas into reality!

In today's increasing technology driven marketplace, it is critical to keep up with the latest innovation and solutions, in order to make the most of your investment and keep your business moving forward. 
So weather you are new to working with an IT Partner, or have worked with one for years, with D&D International you will find cost-efficient support, guidance and the inspiration you need to provide your business with a competitive advantage. 

About Us

and D&D International — is a fast-growing IT company that provides a wide range of high-quality products, information technology solutions and services.


The major activities of our company are web-development and app-development of various complexity, creation of business automation systems and IT consulting.


At the present time our company has several representative offices which are located in Dubai (since 2013) and Kyiv (since 2008) and a our new office in Anshun, China.


Over the years, D&D International has evolved into an advanced solutions provider, focused on servicing customers and creating value through long term relationships that we build. We have established unique service level agreements (SLA's) and fixed costs based on our customers' needs and budget.


Our vision is to become the leader of choice for solutions, regardless of the industry. We want to empower and unleash the potential of all our customer.


D&D International  believes in sustainable growth through innovation, creativity and competence. We also believe in treating our customers with respect. We value honesty, integrity and ethical business practices. 


Companies need technology organizations that fuel their strategy, not hobble it. D&D International helps you make confident technology decisions and ensure your IT organization is agile, effective and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest trends to create enduring results.


Technology is an integral and potentially differentiating component of your business that both influences and is guided by corporate strategy. At least, that’s how it should work. At D&D International, we take a unique approach to IT, working with business leaders to understand your strategic goals and then determining which technological capabilities, systems and support you need to achieve them.

Our team


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Having fun

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Our advantages

We create and develop our own projects



Here you can find many opportunities for learning, career and professional growth



It's a fun and exciting work environment!



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Our Workplace

At D&D International there is a focus on skills and development. We are dedicated to unlock the potential of all our employees through continuous skill development and in-house training. With the skills development of all our employees, we foster a productive and vibrant workplace in order to accelerate growth.
D&D International  ever increasing workforce is aligned with its rate of growth and is continuously
Focused on the latest technology to improve the quality of all services and products that we offer.

Our Competence

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We work closely with you to:

  • Reach new and game-changing levels of performance by modernizing your IT capabilities, including your systems architecture, operating model and cost structure, so your company is ready to pursue its digital future.
  • Improve the value that IT brings to the business, by identifying the resources and capabilities needed to generate lasting results. Focus your investments on what matters most, ensure the right people and processes are in place, reduce complexity, and be confident that your large-scale projects will meet or exceed expectations. 
  • Make IT a source of M&A success, instead of a liability. Develop robust IT merger integration capabilities that enable you to realize maximum success in any deal, without succumbing to the organizational, due diligence or platform pitfalls that so often undercut the anticipated value from an acquisition or divestiture. 



D&D International experienced professionals can deliver an effective IT infrastructure based on your environment and business needs:

  • Planning and procurement
  • Network analysis and design
  • Implementation
  • Proactive management and maintenance
  • Remote network access and on-site support


D&D International will help reduce your dependency on physical devices though the different types of virtualisation. We also offer mobile and flexible cloud options:

  • Private cloud
  • Infrastructure
  • Application and storage hosting
  • On premise high availability
  • Cloud-based solutions



D&D International provides the following consulting services:

  • IT needs and risk assessment (IT audit)
  • Site Visits
  • IT strategies
  • IT project  management
  • Business continuity planning and business performance improvement
  • Procurement (products and services procured at best possible cost and quality)
  • Cost-effective and problem solving solutions



D&D International specialises in providing the following Managed Services:

  • Infrastructure planning, design, setup, implementation and maintenance
  • Proactive detection and prevention of potential issues
  • Manage on premise and cloud-based backup
  • Network management and network performance administration:    
  • Internet access 
  • Hosting 
  • IP Solutions and Services
  • 24/7 Helpdesk services and remote support
  • Tailor-made service level agreements
  • Managed Exchange servers: 
  • Host e-mail
  • E-mailbranding and signature management 
  • E-mailarchiving



Trust in D&D International to provide the optimum level of protection for your business:

  • Risk management services
  • E-mail security solutions (Anti-spam)
  • Network firewall solutions and services
  • Continual virus and spyware protection
  • Continual intrusion detection and prevention
  • Disaster  recovery
  • IT policies and governance (Poppy compliance)
  • Web content filtering
  • Virtual private networking (VPN)
  • Domain solutions

Our Projects

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Our Partners

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Our Clients

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Our office in UAE:

Dubai, Barsha Heights (Tecom) Grosvenor Business Tower, office 1301

Tel:  +971 4 58 97 251

Fax: +971 4 24 34 062


Our office in Ukraine:

Kyiv, Kybalchicha str., 11, office 902

Tel: +38 05153 2 23 86

       +38 099 542 42 82

Fax:+38 05153 2 11 10

Visit our website

Our new office in China:

Guizhou, Anshunshin, Jianbo International District,

Building 12, Unit 2, office 1804

Tel:  +86 130 2787 8401